About Us

We are not a large corporation, nor do we have giant warehouses around the country. We are also not a big box retailer.

We are Brian and Amber Woodard and we are the founders of Alleviary, Your CBD Market. We are a happily married couple, living in Central Florida, where we are active members of our community.

We founded Alleviary because we were profoundly impacted by the stories we heard from family members and friends who were in substantial amounts of pain, needlessly suffering from various conditions. We wanted to help them but didn’t know how.

Answers would come at a CBD conference in Las Vegas. We were blown away by the multitude of case studies detailing how CBD products were changing people’s lives. We didn’t know how to get involved but we knew this was a chance for us to call upon our decades of community service to make a positive impact on a larger scale.

Fast forward to today. We are proud to open the doors of Alleviary to you. Our goal is to be a trusted resource where you can purchase high-quality CBD products for yourself or a loved one with confidence, knowing that you’re buying only quality CBD products.

We look forward to serving you and your loved ones.